Product Feature: The Bottle Carrier

Product Feature: The Bottle Carrier

Bottle carriers have long been requested by our friends and we’re happy to announce that they’re here! After many iterations and even a few custom runs, we’ve landed on a classy and functional bottle carrier that is built to last. 

If you’ve checked out our blog post featuring our malt bag tote, you know that we take design seriously here at Beer to Bags. Of course, we have a lot of fun with it too! 

Live now on our site is a 6 and 2-bottle version made from upcycled Riverbend malt bags. Riverbend Malt House granted us licensing in October. We immediately went to work to put their beautiful bags to use that are typically discarded after the brewing process. 

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Breaking down the design

Our bottle carriers feature inside divider walls, also made from spent malt bags, so that your bottles are securely held from your local bottle shop or grocery store to your home! 

If you plan on hauling quite a few crowlers or wine bottles home, our 6-bottle version is perfect for you. More on the side of taking a bottle or maybe two to your friend’s place? Grab our 2-bottle version for a steal - only $32.99. 

The base of our bags feature a strong, water-resistant tarp material. Our Riverbend bags in our store now have a black base, but we have several colors for you to choose from if you’re interested in a custom order, including teal, navy, olive and more. 


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