Grandstand, a Custom Merch Mammoth, adds Beer to Bags to Their Lineup

Grandstand, a Custom Merch Mammoth, adds Beer to Bags to Their Lineup

We’re excited to announce that you can now shop Beer to Bags at! Grandstand has been producing exceptional branded merch since 1988. They’ve partnered with over 17,000 craft breweries, distilleries, restaurants, corporations and businesses over the past 30 years. 

Grandstand carries an array of brands specializing in apparel, glassware, gear and other promotional items and is excited to add our sustainable upcycled malt bags to the mix. 

Maria Evers, Senior Product Specialist at Grandstand, says it was love at first introduction. “Our product team was extremely excited for this opportunity because sustainability efforts are important to us and to our customers. Their tote bags are so attractive, durable, perfect for the beach, as a shopper, reasonably priced and then BONUS, they are keeping grain and malt bags from landfills! Beer to Bags really provides a great service to breweries and have thought about everything along the way to make affordable totes that showcase big and bold logos and Grandstand is proud to offer their bags!”


How to order custom Beer to Bags merch through Grandstand

Wondering how exactly you can order our upcycled malt bag totes for your taproom through Grandstand? It’s easy to get started! 

You can choose from two different style tote bags today on for your custom brewery merch. The first style features a canvas woven pocket on the outside of the bag. The canvas pocket comes in a variety of colors and as always, you can customize your strap color as well. 

Midnight Canvas Pocket with Midnight Straps

Choose a similar strap color to your pocket or mix it up with a contrasting color for an added pop! For this style your artwork will be screen-printed on the pocket. For a small up-charge add an additional pocket and your artwork to the other side of the tote. 

The second style features an rPET recycled water bottle pocket on the outside of the tote. Your artwork will be sublimated onto the pocket. This is a great lesser cost option since you can upload artwork up to 4-colors and pick a more intricate design that can’t be done with screen-printing, all for a single screen charge. 

4-Color Process with Crush Orange Straps

Once you select your preferred style bag – reach out to us with any custom product ideas – choose your desired quantity starting with our minimum of 50 units, webbing color for the wraparound straps, upload your artwork and complete your purchase. Price breaks start at 75 units. Our turnaround time is just 2 weeks from the date you place your order. 

Send in your malt bags for a discount on your order

You can choose to send in your own spent malt bags for a 5% discount on your first order. If you’re participating in continuous grain bag collection efforts with us, you’ll enjoy a longstanding 5% discount on your orders. For more information on our donation to discount program, visit this page

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Grandstand to bring our mission of sustainability to more breweries. These bags are the perfect product for employee gifting to thank your hardworking brewery crew, your next event, and reselling through your taproom and online merch store. 

Soon your patrons will be using your custom branded reusable bags and boasting your efforts to eliminate malt bag waste all over town!

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