Epiphany Craft Malt Grants Beer to Bags Licensing

Epiphany Craft Malt Grants Beer to Bags Licensing

Drumroll please….

We’re thrilled to announce that another NC malthouse has granted us licensing! Epiphany Craft Malt in Durham, NC, is a beacon of sustainable practices for maltsters worldwide. We could not be more excited to add Epiphany licensed products to our offerings. 

Epiphany Craft Malt has been carbon neutral since 2020 thanks to their diligent tracking of their carbon production. They continue to find ways to both reduce and offset their carbon footprint. 

We’re proud to be part of those efforts by extending the life of their packaging. Their bright yellow and blue, durable polypropylene malt bags are a favorite of ours and our brewery partners! 

Epiphany Malt Bags

“Supporting the revival of our ‘cut-&-sow’ industry, of which Beer to Bags is one building block, says Sebastian Wolfrum, Founder and Managing Member of Epiphany Craft Malt, “ is as important as supporting your local farmer, maltster, brewer, or distilling. How fantastic is it to avoid trash by carrying a second life re-use bag for all your shopping, gifting, and traveling!”

1% of revenues generated from this licensed line will benefit the North American Craft Maltsters Guild. The Craft Maltsters Guild gives voice to the growing movement of craft malt and independent, small-batch maltsters worldwide. 

The Guild recognizes the importance of craft malt and its ability to reduce negative impacts on the environment, keep dollars in the local economy, and create better ingredients that are used in the beer and spirits we enjoy. 

2-row barley right before harvest

Alice Blayne-Allard, Executive Director of the Craft Maltsters Guild shares her thoughts on the partnership. “Craft malt matters in numerous ways, from the quality of the grain in your glass, to the re-purposing of byproducts such as the totes produced by Beer to Bags.  Our member malthouses play a vital role in sustainability and the Craft Maltsters Guild is proud to support their efforts.”

In the coming months we’ll create Epiphany licensed totes, bottle carriers, lunch boxes, and more for you to enjoy. You can be proud knowing that your purchase supports craft malt!

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