Continuous Grain Bag Collection with Envision Charlotte

Continuous Grain Bag Collection with Envision Charlotte

Beer to Bags has teamed up with Envision Charlotte and their Innovation Barn in Charlotte, NC, to eliminate malt bag waste in the Queen City. 

Envision Charlotte is a non-profit on a mission to transition Charlotte to a circular economy. Its Innovation Barn, located at 932 Seigle Avenue, is ground zero for accomplishing that goal. The Barn houses a variety of zero waste initiatives, including a zero-waste cafe and teaching kitchen, composting facility, materials recycling equipment and hands-on learning stations for visiting school groups. 

Envision Charlotte has been working with surrounding breweries for years now to recycle their hard-to-recycle materials like bottles and plastic can holders. When we heard about their existing efforts, we knew it would be a perfect match for introducing malt bag collection services to their brewery partners. 

“While we have been doing one-off grain bag collection services with individual breweries, I’ve been looking for a partner facility like Envision Charlotte to consolidate grain bag waste from many breweries in the same region. It greatly reduces our carbon footprint by cutting back on freight runs with 1 or 2 pallets and instead shipping 5 or more at a time. Now we can service dozens of breweries in NC thanks to Envision Charlotte,” says Emily, Beer to Bags Founder & Owner. 

NC Breweries can schedule time to drop off their empty, used malt bags at Envision Charlotte. For more information or to schedule a drop-off, please reach out to

The Envision Charlotte team helps to package the malt bags for shipping to the Beer to Bags manufacturing facility in Texas. We are already saving roughly 3,000 spent malt bags every month from the landfill and introducing them back into the economy as durable, reusable bags! 


5 pallets of spent malt bags ready for upcycling

“Beer to Bags is a great solution for an otherwise hard-to-recycle product,” says Daniel Heaton, Chief Doer at Envision Charlotte.  “The Innovation Barn made perfect sense to accelerate Beer to Bags and to provide an educational opportunity on this prolific plastic.”

Breweries who are participating in these ongoing grain bag waste diversion efforts can take advantage of a 5% discount on their order of upcycled Beer to Bags products through For more information on our donation to discount program, check out this page

Our team is actively working to start similar initiatives in other areas across the country. If you are interested in serving as a drop-off location or joining with other breweries in your area to consolidate your spent malt bags, reach out to our team to start the conversation.

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