Carolina Malt Switches to Polyplastic Malt Bags; Urges Breweries to Work with Beer to Bags

Carolina Malt Switches to Polyplastic Malt Bags; Urges Breweries to Work with Beer to Bags

Carolina Malt is a staple in the NC craft beer community. Their 100% Carolina grown and malted grains can be found in beers we all enjoy throughout the Carolinas and the United States, which is why, when they reached out about switching their packaging to polypropylene bags that could be upcycled, we couldn’t have been more excited. 

Prior to this year, Carolina transported their malted grain to customers in paper bags that were difficult to recycle or upcycle after single use. They decided to make the switch to polypropylene bags this year for a variety of reasons including cost, longer grain storage, and reuse. 

In addition to the easy recyclability of biaxially oriented polypropylene bags at multiple recycling sites around the state, we are excited about this fun upcycling opportunity for our customers and for any of their customers who want a cool, fun, earth-friendly bag,” says Aaron Gross, President and Co-Founder of Carolina Malt.

Carolina Malt customers have the opportunity to drop off these new malt bags after use at our partner’s facility in Charlotte, NC. 

We announced back in June that we’re working with Envision Charlotte and its Innovation Barn, a non-profit recycling and educational center, to accept spent malt bags from breweries across NC. 

If a Carolina Malt customer is interested in scheduling a drop-off of their spent malt bags, they should reach out to us at Malt bags must be cleaned of any remaining grain before being dropped off. 

Breweries may opt to order back some of their spent malt bags as custom branded merch with an automatic 5% discount off their order for dropping off their bags. 

We’re excited to put Carolina Malt’s new bags back into the economy after use as profitable, reusable bags that individuals will cherish for years to come. If you open up your tote and see Carolina Malt branding, you can be proud knowing that you’re supporting craft malt in the Carolinas! 

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