Behind the Launch: Our First E-Commerce Products

Behind the Launch: Our First E-Commerce Products

We’re thrilled to launch our first e-commerce products. If you’ve been following us for a while now, you know that we make branded brewery merch from upcycled malt bags. We didn’t want to stop there. After landing our brew bags in over 100 taprooms, 15 states and 2 countries, we were ready to launch our own unique designs!

For our first collection, we collaborated with born-and-raised Raleigh, NC, beer artist Richie Cook. Richie has worked with several breweries on their can releases and other fun taproom and merch designs, so we ‘tapped’ him for our project!

To celebrate the launch of our collection, we asked Richie to share a little bit about himself. We’re excited to highlight Richie and his work!


Q: What's your favorite brewery project you've worked on?

A: I have loved working with Edward Teach in Wilmington. The brewery's brand has a fun pirate theme that I have enjoyed working with and expanding in new creative ways for their cans. My favorite cans I have done with them are Burn the Fleet, a Mexican style lager with lime that will be joining their core beer selection as Viva La Playa, and B.A.D. Sour, their seasonal sour release.


B.A.D. Sour Can Design by Richie Cook


Q: How did you get into design?

A: I was always into drawing as a kid. I remember regularly getting yelled at by my parents for using too much printer ink and paper when printing out my "inspiration" for my next drawing. Really it was just a bunch of Dragon Ball Z characters I liked to redraw into new characters. Later, in high school, I naturally found my way onto websites where I learned I could pirate what would be my first Adobe program, Photoshop 7. The rest was history. 

I remember spending hours remaking album covers for bands that I loved as a teenager and posting my work online to get feedback and criticism from strangers while spending even more hours reading and recreating tutorials in order to learn how to make my art better. Now I draw a lot of my inspiration from mid-century design — anything from architecture to furniture to color palettes and old print materials — along with the Sailor Jerry era and other traditional style tattoo art.

Q: What makes you excited about the designs for Beer to Bags?

A: Working with Emily was a pleasure, and working with a sustainable company that is giving back to the planet made it even better! I think we came up with two fun, whimsical designs that use eye-catching colors that look great on the bags and will look even better once you fill them up with some of your favorite beverages to imbibe. 

To keep up with Richie and his work, follow him on IG at richiecook_

On to the designs Richie made exclusively for Beer to Bags! 

Our first Brew Bag, ‘Pour One Out,’ celebrates our tagline, ‘Pour One Out for the Planet.’ You can choose Daffodil or Sky Blue straps for your custom tote! Our second Brew Bag, Malt Mash-Up is a super fun pattern design featuring flowers, malt, bottles, and our logo icon on a Crush Orange pocket with matching straps. It’s the perfect statement bag for your shopping and travel needs!

Pour One Out and Malt Mash-Up Pocket Designs by Richie Cook

Of course, you can bundle and save by picking up both of these totes in our Sustainable Shopper Starter Pack. This is the perfect 2-pack to grab for yourself or a friend to have the best reusable shopping bags on the planet in the back of your trunk whenever you need them. 

Our Pre-Order sale is live now through Sunday, August 20th for an automatic 20% discount off your entire purchase. Orders will ship the week of August 28th! Thank you for helping us manufacture the right amount of totes for this first run by pre-ordering. 

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