Beer to Bags at NC Craft Brewers Conference

Beer to Bags at NC Craft Brewers Conference

The annual NC Craft Brewers Conference is a celebration of the NC brewing industry and the incredible individuals who make it possible. This year was particularly special because it was the tenth year of this event! 

That’s why we were especially honored to be the conference bag vendor this year. Our team created 500 unique totes for conference attendees who came to Winston Salem from all over the state. 

"The NCCBC is a celebration of all things craft beer in the state. The bags from Beer to Bags come from NC breweries and are part of the Guild's efforts to promote sustainability in the NC craft beer industry. Partnering with Beer to Bags to provide the conference bags was a natural fit,” said Lisa Parker, Executive Director of the NC Craft Brewers Guild. “Our conference attendees loved receiving unique, durable totes that they can use for years to come while representing their guild!"

We worked with Grandstand to design a double-sided pocket tote. The front pocket featured the 10th anniversary NCCBC logo and sponsors Lowes Foods, ABS Commercial and Ollie. The back pocket featured bag sponsors Amoretti, Grandstand and Beer to Bags. 

As is our signature, the inside design of each tote varied based on the malt bag used. 

Throughout the conference, attendees used their upcycled brew bag to hold pamphlets, tasters, and swag they received from workshops and trade show vendors. We’re pleased to know that they took these totes back to their communities where they’ll promote their guild whenever they use it. 

Interested in custom brewery merch for your upcoming conference? With a 2-week lead time and thousands of spent malt bags on hand ready for reuse, we’re the perfect partner for your next beer-centric event! 

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