10 Ideas for Sustainable Brewery Swag

10 Ideas for Sustainable Brewery Swag

As we’ve worked with more and more businesses and individuals to make them custom malt bag totes, we’ve run across fun and unique use cases for our bags. Whether you’re looking for totes for resale or your next event, we have the best sustainable bags you could ask for! 

10 Ideas to Use Grain Bags for Good

  1. Event Giveaways 

    Looking for unique merch to make your event more memorable for attendees? We’ve made custom totes just in time for many events thanks to our two-week lead time. Bonus – our totes are perfect for your guests to carry around their things at your event or festival and take home any goodies they find! 

  2. Employee Appreciation 

    Our bags are a great choice for thanking your hardworking team. According to HR Cloud, “giving company swag to employees can help you strengthen and promote a distinct workplace culture, increase engagement, and boost employee productivity.” 

  3. Onboarding Boxes

    You don’t need to wait to get your team members excited about joining your team. Welcome them on board with a tote, glassware, koozies – you name it! They’ll start off feeling appreciated and part of your company’s culture. 

  4. New Beer Releases 

    Ready to make a splash around your newest beverage creation? Your fresh can design will look great on our totes’ completely customizable pocket. Make a limited run, do a joint giveaway of your new 6-packs with the bag, or even offer early purchasers of the new release a discount or giveaway of the matching tote bag. 

  5. Grand Opening 

    Are you opening your first, second or maybe fifth taproom? Invite your excited patrons inside with fresh merch! Your customers will love taking something home to remember the experience and remind them to come back for more great beer! 

  6. Beer Club Membership

    Do you have a monthly beer or ‘mug club’? Many breweries are making an exclusive club available to their patrons who want first dibs on new releases and more fun perks. For tips on how to start your own mug club, check out this blog post from Untappd. Continue to engage and show appreciation for your members with unique brewery merch.  

  7. Partner Thank You

    Have clients, customers, or partners you want to thank? There’s nothing like a reusable, sustainably made tote from your spent malt bags to show them you care and appreciate their business. 

  8. Mother’s Day, Earth Day, and More!

    If you’re looking for creative items to add to a Mother’s Day bundle, look no further! Moms love our upcycled malt bag totes. Perfect for carrying groceries home or a trip to the beach, any mom will love receiving their sustainable tote! We’ve also worked with partners for Earth Day events or customers who simply want to showcase their sustainable merch on this special day. Your patrons will be amazed that you’re upcycling your spent malt bags into something they can use and cherish for years to come.  

  9. Conference or Trade Show Swag

    Are you preparing for a conference like Craft Brewers Conference or your annual guild convention? Hand out our totes to attendees who stop by your booth to have them carrying around your brand name throughout the whole conference!

  10. Winners and VIP gifting 

    Looking for something special to award individuals who’ve won a prize or recognition at your company? Whether you’re giving a special gift to your Employee of the Month at your brewery or someone who has had every beer on the menu, our bags are sure to delight the recipient! 

Swag is a great way to promote your business. It’s an investment into your brand and marketing that pays off in loyal employees, business partners and customers. 

We know you have a choice when it comes to swag. There’s no shortage of promotional products in the market today, but if you’re ready for a one-of-a-kind, durable tote, you’ve come to the right place! 

We’re excited to work with you on your custom malt bags totes, whatever the end use!

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